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Large Selection of Concrete Available at Our Facilities in Montérégie & Estrie

We Make Concrete Adapted to Your Needs

Our facilities in Montérégie and the Eastern Townships produce quality concrete made to meet the different needs of our customer base. To produce them, quality concrete components are carefully adjusted by our skilled technicians who value product quality.

The proximity of our factories and the quality of our workforce allow us to offer a high level of service to our customers.

Les Carrières de Saint-Dominique Ltd. offers a wide range of prepared concrete products:


Standard types of concrete are those frequently used in residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. Strengths vary between 10 MPa and 45 MPa, with or without air entrainment.

In order to distinguish among the various products available, CSA classifies concrete mixtures according to a number of criteria, mainly including the exposure classes (exposure to frost, de-icing salt, etc.).

Specialty Concrete

For projects that go beyond general applications, Les Carrières de Saint-Dominique Ltd. offers personalized service to provide mixtures to meet specific needs, including:

High-Performance Concrete

These mixtures come in strengths above 50 MPa. The quality department of Les Carrières de Saint-Dominique Ltd. is able to meet all the needs of its customers.

Self-Compacting Concrete

These types of concrete settle effortlessly, that is with high manoeuvrability and that require little or no vibration to consolidate in formworks.

It’s a type of concrete that ensures a good filling of the formwork and a superior surface quality while still managing to obtain a durable structure thanks to homogeneous properties.


Anti leaching concrete is needed when the work is to be done under water or where there is constant water flow, as it can withstand wet conditions. Admixtures in this concrete prevent it from crumbling in contact with water. You will get the full advantages of this product with proper site preparation and implementation.


A powder admixture used to reduce and compensate for shrinkage in Portland cement-based concrete.

Cellular Concrete

This concrete has a high entrained air content, low compressive strength (MPa) and is mainly used as fill for empty spaces. 

Coloured Concrete

Dyes can be added to the concrete for aesthetic purposes. The available range of colours is very large and suits all tastes.


When large volumes of concrete are used in one piece, the heat generated by conventional concrete will cause it to expand. This type of concrete is designed to minimize expansion by generating less heat than conventional concrete.

Fibrous Concrete

The fibre in this concrete is designed to replace wire mesh and in some cases, structural steel. Different types of fibres can be added to concrete, such as steel fibre and synthetic fibre. The fibre helps reduce the costs associated with preparing while providing a voltage resistance comparable to or greater than that of conventional steel.


Unlike standard concrete which has a density of ± 2350 kg / m³, the density of light concrete varies between 240 and 2100kg/ m³. The mixtures for this type of concrete are designed to produce strengths between 0.7 and 40 MPa. This concrete is most often used for architectural purposes.


Sprayed concrete (shotcrete) contains little water and is applied using a hose with compressed air. This concrete is sprayed on the surface according to the thickness and shape required.

This concrete has the advantage of requiring no formwork, favouring a fast execution of the work and a durable repair at a lower cost.


The non-shrinking backfill mixture contains a high proportion of water to cement, producing low strength at only 1 to 3 MPa. It is used to fill excavations rapidly and eliminates the stone filling and compacting steps. Once the water in the mixture has been absorbed by the soil, the surface finish can be applied.


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a green certification for buildings. LEED concrete, commonly known as green concrete, produce a smaller carbon footprint than conventional concrete due to their components and manufacturing processes. Various criteria such as distance for procurement of raw materials and the use of cement additives are awarded points, which are then used towards obtaining the LEED building certification.

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